Monday, September 10, 2007

Grace Church Show

The Grace Church reception was this past Friday night. There were some really beautiful paintings there - (Don Blow is amazing, check out his website!)

Plein Air

If you don't know what "plein air" is, it's painting in the open air (in French)....not in France, just in French.

Cape Charles VA had a plein air event over Labor Day weekend. Since I missed the Paint Out event here in June, I made sure I checked this one out. Glad I did! It was a lot of fun and a great experience. I now have a whole new appreciation for people who paint outside. You wouldn't think about it being more difficult than being in the studio, but it really is. You have bugs, wind, sun that dries out your paint, and other distractions. Plus, it's nearly impossible (for me) to paint watercolors upright on an easel. The paint just runs right down the paper. I gave up on that idea and just painted in my lap. Next time, OILS! At least they won't run.

I finished two paintings in two days and sold one of them at the show on Sunday night. Paul Rendel, a local artist here, was the overall winner with two incredible oils. He's a marvelous painter and a really nice man to boot.

We stayed at the Cape Charles Inn. I highly recommend it! Here's some shots, you can just get a glimpse of the painting of mine that sold, next to Paul's boat painting.

Goodbye Y!

Here's a few shots from the goodbye party the Y gave for me at the Rudder. It was a nice thing to do. We look really happy, don't we?