Monday, February 18, 2008

Sheridan and Plein Aire

For those of you who don't know Sheridan, he's a friend of mine who recently scored a job at the YMCA of Honolulu. (Lucky dog.) He seems to be loving it out there and has a blog of his own - It is definitely a "laugh out loud" daily read of mine. He needs to get a publisher.

Another good link is This is a juried plein aire competition in July. (Plein aire means painting outside in front of your subject....much trickier than it sounds...see my September posts.) This is a juried competition, meaning you send examples of your work and if they don't like it, you get a sniff and a turned up nose, followed by a curt refusal. (sigh!) This looks like a very well-attended event, and I fell in love with plein aire painting last year. I've submitted my examples and now await acceptance or the dreaded dear John art refusal. Cross your fingers.

Off to run 13 miles. Wow, I just love marathon training.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Art Assistant

Also known as "Art Boy" "Fartist Assistant" and HEY YOU! Thanks Robert, you're the best fartist assistant a girl could have.

Lewes Historical Society Art Show

Would you buy art from this man??? (He stashes his "bloodies" behind his booth...wink wink)

Apparently last year's show was a great turnout with quite a few sales. This year seemed a little on the sparse side with even sparser sales. Quite a few discussions were had regarding the economy, the lack of faith in the economy and troubles in Washington (a nice way to put what was really being said. At one point I was offered a tin of "National EmbarassMINTS). Nuff said.

The show was held at the Children's Beach House, which is always a wonderful place to be and was superbly hosted by RICH GARRETT and his staff of volunteers and otherwise. Rich looks quite adorable in a kitchen apron. Ask him about his giant potato masher. Julie Molyneaux was the featured artist. Love her work! She also brough her 8 week old Rottweiler puppy "Bella" to visit. Everyone fell instantly in love.

So anyway, here are some various pics of various booths and artists, including: Anne Hannah, Kathy Buschi, Kevin Fleming, Julie Molyneaux, Joyce Ziegler, Nick Serratore (the crazy dude in the first picture who was nipping Bloody Mary's.)He does beautiful pastels. It's really like being in a candy store at these things. So much great art to see, most of us just want to wander and check out everyone's work but aren't really able to very much.

Support your local artists, we are blessed with so much talent here in Sussex County. Buy art and forget the economy! Thanks Leo and Peggy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

R.I.P. Pixie

"Pixie", "Sammie" or "Big Daddy" passed on February 7, 2008. And then there were two. Poor piggie.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Art show and Blue Men

So, wrapping things up for the LHS show next weekend. I was hoping to have one more painting complete by then, but it's not looking good. It's close, but not close enough to be dry. It may make an appearance "wet". Gearing up now for show season and running season. Hibernation will be over soon, just a few more months to get through.

We've lost another guinea pig, and "Pixie", the big daddy is not looking good. He's the oldest of all the piggies and is dying of old age, it appears. Very sad. We just buried one of the babies this past week. So now we're down from 7 pigs to 3, currently. Sad. They're like bunnies with short ears and pretty easy to get attached to. I don't know what I'll do with all my veggie scraps when they're gone.

Haley and I are off to Lorrie's house in VA for the weekend. We're going to see the Blue Man Group on Saturday night at the Patriot Center. Dusty and I saw it last year in NY, so now it's Haley's turn. Should be fun, and a nice little getaway for the girls. The fridge is stocked for the boys who'll be hanging out here for the weekend. Lots of meat in there. :)

Please feel free to leave comments here, it's awfully lonely without them.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Marathon Training.....oy!

Last week started the first week of a 16-week marathon training period. Robert and I are registered for the Delaware Marathon on May 18. This is the time of year when the results of the holidays, vacations, short days and long nights sitting on the couch all cumulate to announce in a booming voice that you've become SLOTHLIKE, DE-CONDITIONED and generally LAZY. I've been talking to my legs all week...come ON, move! Our 10 mile run yesterday was a small slice of hell. It's a lot easier being sedentary, really.