Friday, February 27, 2009

Celebration Studios

If you're familiar with Rehoboth, then you know that Epworth Church moved from Baltimore Avenue to Holland Glade Road. The Theatre of the Arts and Celebration Studios have now found a home in the old church. Besides great, professional shows at the theatre - (they bring us "big city" talent) you can also see local artists working in their studios. Currently there are about ten of us in the studios. There are oil painters, custom-painted furniture artists, a textile artist, 2 computer-aided artists, and an illustrator. I understand we will soon have a sculptor in our midst as well. If you have ever visited The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria VA, you'll get the idea of what we're doing. This is a great way to meet local artists, watch them work and purchase art all in one place. The energy is great and it's a unique experience in lil' Sussex County. This is a new venture so most of us haven't established a set schedule, but you can usually catch a few of us there most days and some weekend evenings. As summer gets closer, we'll be there more often and will most likely post schedules on our studio doors. Come check it out and help support our local arts.

As I was leaving the studio today, I noticed police officers stopping cars in the middle of Baltimore Avenue. Further up the avenue, there were drug-sniffing dogs checking out cars that made it past the first stop. Apparently VP Biden was at the Atlantic Sands. Kind of cool, but I don't remember him having this much hoopla before....guess it must be that Vice President thing. :)

I think nearly everyone I know is really getting despondent over the economy, the war and the cold weather. A terrible trio. We know spring is coming, but as far as the other two go, who knows. Let's just send some positive thinking out into the universe and hope that things get better SOON!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ellsworth Kelly

So, the Cezanne exhibit was great. So was the champagne brunch at the museum, thanks Stacy! But one of the most interesting things for me was the artist Ellsworth Kelly who was displayed amidst the Cezanne pieces (with other artists as well, such as Jasper Johns). Kelly is said to be a minimalist, and I would say that's an understatement! Initially I was totally puzzled as to why his artwork would hang next to Cezanne's as being "influenced" by Cezanne's work. The most puzzling piece for me was "Bronze" which hung next to a Cezanne that featured a bridge with an archway beneath. The "Bronze" piece was very large, very bronze-colored (hence the name) and just looked like two soap bubbles that had merged together. I didn't get it. UNTIL I read the write-up hanging next to it. The shape of the piece mimicked the shape of the bridge's archway and the reflection in the water below it. If you placed a piece of tracing paper over Cezanne's painting and traced the bridge and the reflection, you'd have the shape of "Bronze". I thought the concept was very cool, even if I wasn't a real fan of the actual piece. There were a few more like that, and finding some appreciation in a piece of (very) minimalist work was exciting for me.

There's a link on Kelly if you want to check him out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'll be checking out the Cezanne show in Philly tomorrow, after a champagne brunch with a new fellow-artist friend. Food, friends and art all in one, what could be better?

If you get a chance to check out the Milton Art Show today, it's 1-5 at the fire station.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mini's and others

Here's a new batch of mini's and a 12 x 20 beginning of Camp Rehoboth.

Milton Art Show

Milton Art Show
Milton Fire Hall, downtown Milton
Saturday, February 21
1 - 5 p.m.
Featuring the following local artists:

Anne Roads
Kim Klabe
Pamella Bounds -Seemans
Gerilyn Gaskill
Gary Cooke
Bill Paterson
Paul Rendel
Skip Spinella
Mark Turner
Elizabeth Bard
Jay Fleming
Raymond Petersen

Friday, February 13, 2009


The Lewes History Society Art Show is this weekend at the Lewes Ferry Terminal. Opening reception tonight ($30) from 5-8, then free admission all day Saturday and Sunday.

I helped hang the show yesterday and there is some beautiful work! Nick Serratore is one of my favorites and he has some gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS new large pieces there. Steve Rogers does as well, and many others.

Next weekend in the Milton Art Show - just a one day thing at the Milton Fire House, from 1-5 Saturday. A much smaller show, but with different artists than you'll see at LHS.

Have a great Valentine's Day weekend, if you're into that kind of thang. I'm just focused on Spring and it getting here QUICKLY!

Monday, February 9, 2009


We had pasta the other night for dinner. Haley got the idea to make the dessert that Will Farrell eats in "Elf". I don't know if this is "exactly" it, but it consists of:
pasta, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, poptarts and whipped cream. I think that's everything. They actually ate it, as you can see. Ugh.

This weekend is the LEWES HISTORICAL SOCIETY ART SHOW, Feb. 13-15 at the Lewes Ferry Terminal. Admission is free Saturday and Sunday. Come check it out!