Monday, January 26, 2015

Boston Training - Day 1

My art blog is going to double as a Boston Marathon training log for the next 12 weeks. Boston 2015 will be my sixth marathon, but my first at Boston, so I'm kind of excited. I do prefer training for fall marathons, as it's not easy to train during the middle of winter.

So today was an easy day. 3 miles. This training program has me running six days a week with progressing mileage. So no problem with 3, right? Well yeah, except there's a northeast wind blowing and the last mile included rain. Fortunately I invested in a new Underarmour jacket that's rain resistant and has a HOOD, which was really nice.

Two comments as I ran today:

"Hope you get done before the rain!"  (I didn't.)
"I admire you!" (that one changed my whole outlook.)