Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grace Church Show

Thanks for everyone who entered the 2007 Grace juried show and congratulations to the winners :

Best in Show - Doris Davis-Glackin--"Emerging"
First Place - Dorothy Harrison Braun - "Early Glow"
Second Place - Donald Blow - "Company Colors"
Third Place - Doris Ingram - "Tilghman Twilight"

Honorable Mention:

Nancy Brown - "Saratoga Summer"
Suzanne Detrick - "Glowing Red"
Darla Hilton - "Buffalo Resting"
Kim Klabe - "Shadyside"

The Reception is Friday, September 7, from 5-7 at the Grace Gallery.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday

Okay, time to stop counting. 40 was great, but when the zero starts getting replaced with other numbers...well....

The first week of non-Y work actually went well. The first couple of days were tough, but then it was smooth sailing. Started some part-time work at the Kennedy Gallery in Rehoboth, and it's awesome. What's better than being surrounded by art all day? I'm learning custom framing, and with the exception of the occasional glass cut, that's a whole lot of fun. I'm getting some painting done, and also getting ready for the Cape Charles Plein Air festival this coming weekend. I'll take pictures and post them on Monday.

Off to Grace Church in Wilmington to drop off two pieces for their upcoming show. More details to come!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life, part 2.

Well, I did it. My last day at the Y was August 17. So, there's been 1 1/2 work days that have passed and I'm freaking out. I'm taking an "organize your art business" class in an effort to keep me on track and keep me motivated. Now I understand why people who retire fall into a funk for a while. It's a scary thing! Change is always hard, but I'm not going to let it beat me. I'll surrender this week to fear and uncertainty, but that's all I'm giving!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jungle HEAT

So here's how the Milton show went....

Up at 5:30 to set up early before all the crowds show up for the 200th Milton anniversary. Dad and I set up, sipping coffee, feeling the fringes of the oppressive heat that would soon be rendering people helpless within hours. By 7 a.m. we were done, and I was off to run a 5k with Robert in Dewey. Okay, so that was stupid, but we did it, didn't pass out and didn't set any records. Then it was to the shower (a pointless effort) and back to the art show. My tent had no shade till about noon when the sun was directly over my meager tent. Before then, Sally Culp and I sat near each other in a patch of shade that was just wide enough for both of us to sit sideways in. Sweat rolled off us in big streaming rivulets. We panted like dogs. We told the art gods that if we didn't sell anything, that all this suffering and pentinence would be for naught. We certainly didn't sell enough to make it worth it. I think people were too hot to reach for their wallets. By 3 p.m., people were walking around looking reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead zombies with their hair stuck to the sides of their heads and their cheeks flushed bright red. (Hey, I rhymed.) Water was the nectar of life and kept most of us from fainting dead away.

But HEY, I still love summer!

Current shows: Nassau Gallery in Lewes DE. Opening is Wednesday, August 6 from 6-8 p.m.
Rehoboth Art League Member Show runs through September.
Grace Church juried show - September 7 through October 1.