Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is this art?

Art, or a lifestyle, I imagine. I was just in the elevator with this guy. Seriously. It's fascinating, disturbing and incredibly interesting at the same time. I did speak to him, but would love to have a real conversation...imagine the content.

Friday, August 28, 2009


We're off to NY again for Dusty's indoc graduation. Always fun going to the city (unless a motorcycle runs into your new car in the Bronx...but we're taking the train this time).

Could be some big changes happening this Fall. Some have already started, and I'm smiling again. A good thing.

The Children's Beach House BBQ is this Saturday night. A great event for a great cause. See custom-painted tables by local artists which will be up for auction. The same artists (including me) will be showing their artwork as well. If you'd like to attend, call the Beach House in Lewes for tickets. It's a lot of fun - a beach barbecue.

Time to pack!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is today's Post Secret fave, and how I feel about my children. Today Dusty has been at indoc training for one week. I've been worried about him, but the worry has been passive because there is no contact allowed until indoc graduation on the 29th. However, he wrote to his girlfriend Mel this week (THREE letters and none for mom or Haley, but that's FINE!) and claimed indoc to be "fun". So, my mind is at ease now because I know he's handling it okay. Looking forward to watching my "baby" graduate and begin his maritime training next weekend. We won't be driving into the Bronx this time, taking Amtrak instead, even though it's ridiculously expensive. My car insurance rates have doubled due to all these lovely accidents.

Once I figure out how to link my phone to my computer, I will download the "Seafood Shack" commission I'm currently working on. It's a great building - orange and blue - so lots of opportunity for crazy colors. Right up my alley.

Have a great Sunday, mine's wide open!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geese, art, transitions

A little late on my fave Post Secret this week.

So, the geese are flying at sunrise and sunset already. Not everyday, but some days. I watched a tree blowing in the wind today and it was losing quite a few leaves. They were all green, but I started thinking about fall being right around the corner. And Haley and I just saw a Kmart commercial saying "it's never too early to shop for CHRISTMAS!" That's just way out of line. Soon we'll be having Christmas all year round.

Painting has been going well - working on several commissions. I do have some other things to get done too, including the Farmer's Market for RAL. Hopefully this weekend.

So many transitions going on. Seasons coming to an end, career possibilities, new place to live, new life in general, Dusty going to school...sometimes it's an awful lot to take in. Optimism and positive energy are the goals for right now. I'll take it day by day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful weekend......and birds.

Today's favorite Post Secret. I can see my mother doing this.

Yesterday's weather at the RAL outdoor show was amaaaaazing. Lots of people in the morning. Thinned out a little in the afternoon, but still well attended. Made some sales, hoping to have some more today. Less to pack up and great motivation to create new stuff.

Dustin turns 18 next week, on the 15th. He starts his "indoc" at college on the 16th. My heart is already beginning to break. Ugh. A whole new kind of pain - similar to the first day of school, but a lot deeper this time. He's such a fantastic boy, I hope they don't beat up on him too much. (cringing.) Fortunately he's 6'6", and I saw the regiment guy (not sure of his exact "title"...probably ass kicker or something) and he's probably 5'8". So he'll have to crane his neck to yell at Dusty. LOL.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The Rehoboth Art League Outdoor Show starts this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. (Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already.)

I'll be there ONLY the first weekend - so come out and buy alllll my artwork. Please. Pretty please?

The show is on the grounds of the Rehoboth Art League, in Henlopen Acres, Rehoboth DE. There is a shuttle that leaves from the Little League fields on Holland-Glade Road (between Tomato Sunshine and the outlets) and takes you/brings you back to the show. I strongly recommend the shuttle. Traffic is an absolute nightmare otherwise. Trust me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today's favorite from post secret.

To the studio today! Next weekend is the Rehoboth Art League outdoor show's first weekened. One more big summer month to sell!