Thursday, October 30, 2008

this is halloween


I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, by far. No stress, no gifts, just lots of spooky fun stuff and great parties. I used to drive my mother crazy with it as a kid - would start talking about it in September.

This year I won't be having a party (bummer) because Bell Book and Candle is on its second weekend (fun though!) and the theatre is showing Rocky Horror afterward. That's one of my favorite movies. Sick and twisted, but a Halloween classic. So I'll be getting my fix thataway.

My son is too big for trick or treating (though he still wants to) but my daughter is going. She's planning on dressing up in something crazy and going out with a pillowcase for her loot. I'm sure she'll load up...and then I'll find candy wrappers in her room until springtime. She'll have to hide it all from Robert - he's a sugar freak. It's pretty safe from me. Now, if it was pizza.....

Dusty has introduced me to Guitar Hero. The new version has a singing option. (that's what I'm talkin' bout!) So he plays the guitar and I get to sing. Got to create my own avitar as well (a character). My alter ego - Katrina. She's very cool, all goth'd out and wild on stage. Love it.

I still haven't gotten around to posting pics from New England. The past few weeks have been nuts. Next week will be quieter, so hopefully I'll get some painting done and some other things that need doing.

Happy Halloween to you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Doesn't it just figure?

Tonight is dress rehearsal and tomorrow is opening night. And I have a COLD. Ugh. Nothing like a runny nose, a nasally voice and a head full of cotton when you're on a dusty stage. I'm saying many bad words at the moment. (Where's the vitamin c.......)

Monday, October 20, 2008

What would you do with $1,600?

So, we're back from our trip. It was fun. We could have used a few more days to explore, but we did as much as we could and as much as we had energy for.

One of the exciting things that happened on this trip happened in the hotel lobby. I was standing by a big fireplace (it was cold) waiting for Tina, when I happened to look down at a pretty red leather chair next to me. On it was money. On closer inspection, the top bill was a hundred dollar bill. It was one of those "hmmm" moments. I reached down to pick it up and realized it was a WAD of hundred dollar bills. 16 of them, folded in half just as pretty as could be. I held them and kind of turned around slowly in my spot, looking for someone who might have been "punking" me. No one there. Just me and the green. That moment was one of instant ethical dilema. I walked over to Tina, money in hand and told her what happened. Her eyes bugged out, just as mine were.

I debated for a split second on what to do, but like a good girl, took it to the front desk and explained what happened. Their eyes bugged out too. The manager relieved me of my instant windfall and locked it in the safe in case the rightful owner returned. (At this point I was really hoping the rightful owner wouldn't end up being the entire front desk staff - dividing it up and going shopping). I left my contact info and Tina and I were on our way.

The next morning I stoped back down at the front desk and asked if the owner claimed the money. He did, (according to the woman at the desk). He called after realizing what happened - he was quite a ways from the hotel by this point. He apparently described where he was sitting, how the money was folded and how much there was. He drove back and retrieved it. The disturbing part of this story is that I did not receive a phone call from either the hotel, telling me the money was claimed, OR the owner with a thank you. Now, I have faith in human kind, and I am still holding out hope that the owner will at least drop me a line in the mail saying thanks. (Please mister, don't make me lose faith).

So the question is, what would you have done?

When I get a chance, I'll post some of the pics from the trip. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera on the train to Boston and Salem (stupid) but have some great shots of Mystic.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Quote for the day.

"Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning"

By: Charles Tremper

Upcoming Stuff....

Tina and I have planned a New England road trip - Mystic Connecticut, Boston and Salem MA this weekend. We're getting away from it all and doing the Thelma and Louise thing. Robert asked me to keep on going if we see Brad Pitt hitchhiking. (Damn!) I'll take tons of photos and post them when we get back. We're psyched!

October 24 is the LDAF Blue Jean Ball at Nassau Valley Vineyards. Last year was a blast. This year I'm donating an original oil to the live auction and will be displaying two originals as well. That night is also OPENING NIGHT for Bell Book and Candle at the Milton Theatre. So I'll be running from the Theatre to the Blue Jean Ball. Hope you can make one or the other - (wouldn't recommend trying to do both.) BB&C runs October 24-26 and October 31-November 2. It's a cute show. Nice and light and only about an hour and a half.

My son has been accepted at NY Maritime Academy. He leaves for college August 09. WOW. Hard to believe. That'll just leave Haley and I, which will be so weird. She is going to be turning 14 this March and is showing some of the wonderful traits (ahem) of being 14 already. Lovely.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prime Hook Peace

This is the finished piece. 3 commissions to think about now and more originals to get done. I need to grow more arms. Hmm...the picture is a little crooked, and that's another canvas supporting it over to the left. Oh well, you get the idea.