Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Block in and stuff.

Okay, so working on a big one now, but one that should go pretty fast. The subject matter is relatively simple, but the size is signifcant. I painted this same scene last year and it sold right away. That's the idea.  :)

Here's the initial sketch:

 Here's the first blocking in stage.
This is the completed painting from last year. This year's will be similar, but obviously not identical. I'll keep ya posted!

Do you have a land line? I do, and the only reason I do is because of Comcast's triple play. The only people who call me on it are telemarketers (especially the U of D, damn them), Cape Henlopen School District, and once in while, my parents...if they can't me on the cell. It seems to ring when I'm either laying down, about to zzzz for a while, or early on a weekend. Today it rang while I was relaxing and I seriously considered throwing it against a wall. I think I'll just turn the ringer off.

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