Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am a news watcher. Not crazy with it, but I like to be informed. So I'll watch in the morning, read the paper (a pleasure that will one day disappear) and peruse the internet as well. When I go on vacation, I disconnect. I might catch the random news clip in a restaurant or bar, but all-in-all I avoid reality. When I went to Florida a few weeks ago, that happened. The weird thing is that when I came back, I wasn't ready to go back to the news....at least on the television. Some of my newspapers piled up too. There has been a certain reluctance to step back into reality. I've chosen to do other things in the morning, in my conscious decision to avoid the mind-numbing reality that we're lambasted with on a daily basis. I guess if it wasn't "bad" news, it wouldn't be all that interesting to people. The good news is always saved for the last five minutes....and they usually say something like, "and we'll leave you with this feel-good segment, good night." Gee, thanks. That makes up for the oil spills and the political bi-partisan bullshit and the war casualities and budget nightmares. That little squirrel on the waterskis made me forget it all.

The Osama Bin Laden murder is a perfect example. While I do think he was an evil man (though I'm sure in his mind, he felt he was following his personal beliefs, as most psychopaths do) I definitely had some mixed feelings about the celebrations in the streets. My first thought was "man...now they're really going to go apeshit on us." Haley shared this same sentiment this morning. Then I heard it from someone who is about to go to Afhanistan to serve. He is now more worried than he was before. As Americans, we could certainly take some tips on how to demonstrate some class from the Japanese. Or the Swiss. We can have a quiet pride and feel that justice was served without resorting to animal-like behavior.

So anyway, that's my soap box for the day. And in honor of all the bullshit that's going on in the world, here's a replay of the best song to sum it up. I think this time I'll dedicate it to Boehner. And I pronounce it "boner."

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