Thursday, July 7, 2011

More funny stuff.

Yeah, so this is funny, but it's also dead-serious. As we age, it's easier and easier to know what you want, don't want, can tolerate, and can completely throw out the window for a new ouitlook. Below is the list from the newspaper column, Times column - "don't date us if...." and just for fun, I'll add a few of my own. But I'll title mine "I'm not dating you if....."

You are over 35 and wear a ponytail, especially if you're bald on top.
You have a criminal record, and it looks pretty likely that you'll continue to add to that record.
You live with your parents.
Your conversation skills consist mostly of grunts.
You drive like a d*ck.
You are an extreme chauvenist.
Unemployed with no hope of becoming employed due to any variety of problems.
Belong to the "tea party".
Believe that exercise is for sissies or that running will eventually ruin my bones.
Hate music.
Watch t.v. Constantly.

The fun part about these kind of lists is that they're different for everyone and there's no right or wrong. For every list, there's a counter list from someone who wants all of the above. That's what makes life so interesting, yeah?

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