Thursday, September 15, 2011


About midway through marathon training, and as to be expected...I am at the "so over this" phase of the training. The long runs are up around 16-17 miles, with the mid-range runs at 9-10. Not fun, and there is a real need for excessive amounts of energy to make this happen around working full-time, trying to rest, and having a life in there somewhere too. This is why I don't do tri's anymore and wouldn't consider training for an Ironman. The training just sucks up so much of your life. Granted, it's for a relatively short amount of time for a pretty big pay-off (of just general satisfaction) but still.

A front just moved through, bringing rain and ushering in what is supposed to be a cool weekend. I resist cold weather with all my might. As good as fall weather may feel and as nice as it is to run in, the end of summer and the warm temps just makes me sad. I'm trying to just focus on the good part, which I'll be able to do...until about January. Not thinking about that right now. Oh wait, I just did. Shit.

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