Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Post Marathon

Recovery week. I haven't run since Saturday, primarily because I could barely walk until Tuesday. Most of the soreness is gone now, so I lifted today and got some stretching done. What I've determined after the workout:

  • My upper body strength has diminished greatly. I've been focusing on running/legs for months and ignoring everything else.
  • It's really hard to lift my arms after today's workout. When I went to put on my earrings, I couldn't believe how much each arm weighed. Maybe it was the earrings.
  • I have been completely slacking with yoga. My flexibility has waned as well. I'm still crazy-flexible, but not as much as I was. When I got into pigeon, I nearly whimpered.

So, a little run tomorrow, to shake out the cobwebs. During marathon training, running becomes a "fix". I'm jonesing. Will probably do a slow 2 miles. This week is about recovery, which is as hard as a taper. (Ya wouldn't think so, would ya? I should enjoy it, and am trying to!)

Painting - well, that's another thing altogether. I have been in the biggest creative block I've been in for a while. No ideas, no desire. I get little flickers now and then, and now it will be back. Just gotta set a goal, because I'm like a dog chasing a rabbit. Have to have something to go for, or what's the point?

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