Monday, September 10, 2012

Scooter Slap Down

Okay, so I saw a whole new type of road rage today. Two men on scooters, one in his fifties, one in his twenties. They started yelling at each other on Route 1, and then decided to continue the fight in the parking lot across the street. You should have seen the scooters ZIP into the parking lot! Backback and baseball cap flying off the young guy, chest jutting out....old guy (probably butt puckering in a serious way) approaching the young guy, though somewhat less agressively. The punches didn't fly but the smack talking did. Old guy picked up his phone (probably to call the police when he realized this younger guy was going to kick his ass into next week) and then the whole thing fizzled. Nothing like law enforcement to take the sizzle out of a scooter knock-down, drag-out.

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