Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catching up on lost time

 "Conscious of Our Treasures", 24 x 48, oil on canvas.
 Corpse bride and groom, gracing my front porch. They swung so heavenly in the breeze.
 Chloe's impression of Mr. Skinny.
 Some of the faces from the Christiana Cultural Center event, November 2, 2012

 A face from Sea Witch, 2012
 Is it just me...or is that a heart in the sky?
 Lancaster, step 1
 Lancaster step 2
 Lancaster, complete. Will come up with a better name. 6 x 6"
 An amazing fall day, very Hopper-esque at the point.
 Beginning of Sandy - October 2012

 Sea Witch 2012

 Love this cemetary and its labryinth.
And yes, of course I voted.

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