Friday, July 12, 2013

It'll Do - Rachael Yamagata

It's not romantic
It's not the first time
It isn't magic
It isn't soulful
It won't be true
For me and you
But it'll do
It'll do

It isn't hopeful
It isn't lovesick
It won't be precious
It won't be timeless
It's not a fairytale
It wasn't heaven sent
But it'll do
it'll do

I'll pass the time with you
Cause it's so simple and sweet
They'll be no hard times to get through
nothing too deep
And when the day is done
When we have all had our fun
We will both find a place to sleep

I'm not a savior
I'm not a saint
I'm not a partner
I'm not a friend
I'm not a blessing
I'm not a gift
I will not cry when this ends
I'm not a muse
To fill you soul
But I'll do
For you

You pass the time with me
Cause it's so simple and free
It won't be good for me
But it'll do


Anonymous said...

Depressing song. Settling like that. I guess it's just easier

Kim Klabe said...

It's a beautiful song when sung, though I don't believe that settling for anything is easier.