Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Random thoughts and ponderings

 The past month has been nothing short of a shit show. There have been some really amazingly great moments, THANKFULLY, but has been peppered with various piles of poo being thrown at a hundred fans.

I have learned to hate the way the Hospice Center smells. Great place, beautifully decorated. Smells like death.

The city of Rehoboth has its collective head stuck up its ass. Street cleaning, STREET CLEANING, of Route 1 - the main drag here, mid-day, peak season. Backs traffic up for miles. In 93 degree heat. For no good reason. If the cleanliness of Route is SO VITAL, do it at 11 p.m.,  not in the middle of the day. Just absolute ridiculousness. And on a related matter - DO NOT SEND THE TRASH TRUCK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOARDWALK AT 7 P.M. IN JULY. Omg, I can't believe this actually has to be said. Really? The boardwalk is painfully narrow, and elbow to elbow with tourists. Hey, here's and idea....let's take the trash truck down it. Right. Now. I'm no rocket scientist, but if trash has to be emptied...maybe, just maybe, send sanitation workers by foot to change out bags and meet the trash truck at the end of the street?

I don't understand the "cutting" that young girls are doing. Maybe young boys are doing it too. Don't get it. I get the angst, just not that as an outlet. Please stop. Therapy. Meditation. Prayer. Journaling. Something as an alternative, please.

I have some of the best friends ever. They are always here for me and I for them. They have been my rescue net on more than one occasion, and I am forever grateful.

This is the song of the summer for me. Right here. KickASS.

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