Thursday, June 16, 2011

thanks for sharing.

There are certain times when a person shares a little too much, or is likely to, and those are the times when that person should either a) shut up until it passes or b) understand that they may risk offending someone or alienating all within 50 feet. Sometimes this is just a "mood" sometimes it's alcohol, sometimes it's being pre-monstral (intentional misspelling). A friend told me once that the best time to talk to a woman is when she's pre-monstral...because you'll find out EXACTLY what's on her mind without cutting through any bullshit. And that's fine, as long as whoever is listening has a thick skin. And speaking from experience, sometimes it does feel good to just leave that censor button unpushed and let it all come out. Cleansing. My father used to have a plaque hanging in his office that said "make sure brain is in gear before mouth is engaged." He was (and still is) always getting in trouble for just blurting things out without thinking them through, which caused many cringe-worthy moments. And then there are people who just plain old live their life this way. And get away with it. And still have some friends.

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