Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Darkness all around

Oh goodie. An extra day of February. Because February isn't fabulous enough without adding an extra day. Why not add an extra week to March, the 7th circle of Hell of months? Let's just linger here, in the cold dampness that is this time of year, and suck up the lack of light, coupled with the crippled economy, the republican primaries, and the fight to push women back to the dark ages? Hey, let's do it!

Ok, so I will say that spring is coming early this year. The trees are budding, the flowers are popping. I would let it lift my heart a little more if I thought it was going to stick around. But ya know how March is. We could be knee deep in snow any day. Though I could just dig my heels in optimistically and focus on the warm winter and the early spring, and burst through with confidence that spring is really creeping in. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70, for crying out loud. Awesome!

I'm getting away for a little trip to FL in a couple weeks. Just me and a beach chair. Downtime, reflection time. Quiet. No work. Yes....sounds good. I'll bring some paints and canvas and pretend I'm an independently wealthy artist who spends her winters in Florida, painting.

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