Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's light at 5:15.

 Well, already at January 10. Chugging along with no snow yet, and can I get an Hallelujah? Considering how much I prayed for and loved snow as a kid, it's funny how now I cringe about it. Though if I had no place to go and plenty of wine and food, I'd be okay with a little snow-in.
 Here's Chloe, working on a portrait lesson at the Bethany Library with me. I asked her to do a face with hair, a neck and features. She said she wouldn't be good at it, and I told her that was okay, just to draw it the best she could. The drawing on the left is what she did. The drawing on the right is after about 40 minutes of instruction from me.
 And below is my mini-Sedona, being bulldozed in my backyard. I am very happy to see this eyesore go. A very large construction dirt pile that has been behind my house for going on four years. When I get home tonight, it should be gone or nearly gone. Big smiles.

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