Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thank God for taper.

Second 20 miler done. And I feel like I've been hit by a truck. If I went by the way I feel every time I finish a 20 miler, I would never ever run a marathon. There's still a 10k to complete after you hit 20. Those last 6 are done on adrenaline, sheer stubborness, and a little hallucination.

This week starts the taper, which means less the weeks before the marathon. So a long run goes from 20, to like 12.....which sounds like nothing, till you realize it's still basically a half marathon. But after watching the Hawaii Ironman competition yesterday, where the marathon is the final event after a 2 mile swim and something like 100 miles on the bike....I feel like a wuss for complaining.

So, hot bath...4 advils, food and sleep soon. Leg and foot cramps have begun and it's causing me anxiety because when I feel one coming, I know it's going to be excrutiating. They like to sneak up while you sleep and get you when you're not ready.

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