Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boston update

So this is week two.'s going. I've been able to get some outside runs, but more inside runs. The weather is, well, sucky. Today was literally blowing a gale, and the wind chill was bitter. The weekend weather looks pretty decent though, so I should be able to get 7 on Saturday and 12-14 on Sunday.

This is weekend 2 for Leading Ladies at Possum Point Theatre in Georgetown. I have had more fun on this show than any other. It's just hysterical. I've never seen a standing ovation (two of them to be exact) for a comedy before. It's just right for the winter soul.

Here is an update on the Downtown Milford Riverfront boat project I'm working on. Now that I have the "base" established, I will start adding the underwater elements. Next week looks wide open, hope to have a lot done!

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