Friday, February 20, 2015

Courage Unmasked

These photos show the progression of a project for "Courage Unmasked" which is an event to benefit Tunnell Cancer Society and mouth/throat/neck cancers.

The mask is a plastic mesh worn by the patient during radiation. Artists are transforming the masks and they can be seen in whole at an event/exhibition at the Rehoboth Art League in September.

I started by layering the mask with torn sheets of rice paper, adhering it to the mask with acrylic medium. Then a purple tissue paper lined the same way inside the mask to give it a vascular feeling through the white rice paper. Next came torn pages from the book "When Things Fall Apart" and more rice paper. Next the mask was bolted to a black wrapped canvas and more tissue and rice paper were added, along with the word "free" seen beneath the mask.

This has been a very organic, creative experience, something beyond painting and for a worthy cause. Keep your eye on the RAL website as well as Beebe Hospital's site for more info on the fall event.

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