Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's in Warrenton

Warrenton VA.  A cool little town that had a First Night Event on New Year's Eve. Non alcoholic, which was fine (with flasks in our purses). But the place was like a ghost town at ten o'clock. One sad little place was open, which was a history museum. Yawn. But it did have a lot of cool portraits of Lincoln. Some artists painted him with brown eyes, some with blue, and one was somewhere in between. Interesting. But at one point, Lorrie proclaimed (loudly) that "Warrenton sucks ***! The few people that were around got very quiet. It was a "Lorrie.....GEEZE!" moment. But hysterical just the same.

This is the old jail in Warrenton, you can see we were making the most of a boring situation.

Happy New Year!

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