Thursday, January 2, 2014

Probably the best description of what love really is, that I've ever read.

Love isn't about what you give or what you receive. It's not about commitment, or honesty, or promises. It's not about respect, or desire, or communication, or understanding, or companionship. Ultimately, Love is about how you feel about YOU when you're with them. If you feel good about you, the rest of things comes very naturally. You WANT to listen... you WANT to only be with them... you would NEVER lie... or cheat... or break a promise... or disrespect them... because it goes against how you feel about YOU. And by disrespecting them, you see clearly how it disrespects yourself. THAT'S Love: When you see your own reflection in them, and couldn't/wouldn't even consider treating them like they don't matter.

Charles Orlando

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