Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Faith, a poem by my daughter.

Funny, it is
we are born to this world without a choice
hurled in to its' bustle.

It's easier, don't you think
to believe in all the reasons why
it's easier to believe there is a rhyme and reason
your body, your very flesh is placed under ground
to be forgotten.

Seems that most place their "life proof"
blinders around their eyes and gather
together in the same building
on the same day every week
reading, and re-reading the same book
that someone had read and re-read thousands
of years before.

The uncertainty of this whole damn thing
lurks outside every door just waiting to be noticed.

Why is it that we have gotten our egos so big
that we think death is the most terrifying part of life.
No matter how much it occurs everyday
we never grow accustomed to the idea.

And this is what particularly intrigues me,
a man will spend his entire life claiming he knows
there is "something" bigger
but yet when his heart begins to fail
he is completely taken over by fear.
Fear of the very thing he had built
his life's entire foundation on.

I like not to speak to much while I'm here
because I have always found
when you truly understand something
you grow silent.
There's nothing more to figure out
nothing left to read, repeat, or preach.

So just tell me, can you honestly say you understand
or are we all just trying to.

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