Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stuff in February.

 Painting in Progress. Possible title: Lost. Still a ways to go, but liking how it's coming along. Need to focus on tree line that looks like mountains...ah, that will never do. Update coming.
 This was the sky last night. It was very warm, probably 65. To the north, the sky was full of color and clouds, to the south, it was clear as a bell. Beautiful.
 "Southern Girls" is a new show at Possum Point, about racial issues in the 60's. It chronicles the lives of several black and several white girls who grow up together, and illustrates how their lives/beliefs/prejudices change and don't change. This is the back drop I painted for the set. The "poor" side to the left" and the wealthier white side to the right. The tree in the middle is a symbol of the tree that one of the girls' brothers was hung from.

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