Saturday, September 19, 2009

Commissions, coolness, comedy

Close to knocking out two of the long list of commissions (not a bad problem to have). I will post them soon - charging the camera battery.

Planning on doing a painting of the Townsend barn...the one on or near the proposed Lingo/Townsend shopping center that's being proposed (and battled against by Lewes residents) just in case the developers win and the barn gets torn down. Saw it from a different angle the other morning and had one of those AAAAAhhhhhh, look at that...moments. It will be a nice auction piece for the LDAF Blue Jean Ball next month. The only problem is that working full-time cuts down (seriously) on studio time.

Went to Que Pasa last night - beautiful night (cool, but beautiful) and sat on the beach while having dinner...then walked on the beach at of my favorite things to do. It was deserted, nothing to see but the boardwalk lights off in the distance. I could hear people in their houses on the beach, talking and laughing, a very peaceful kind of thing. Also got to catch LSMJ at the Rudder for a bit. That lead singer is going to have serious neck problems, if he doesn't already. I'm just sayin'.

Watched "Yes Man" yesterday and loved it. Jim Carey just cracks me up. I'm no smarter for having watched it, but sure got some great laughs - the scotch taping of his face was particularly hysterical, though I'm embarassed to admit it.

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY getting back to racing. Tomorrow. I have had such a hellish time of it over the past couple of years, that all competition and motivation just got drained right out of me. Now I'm starting to feel like myself again (thank God). I have no idea what my times will be like, but I'm going to really try not to care. Just feel like moving my feet, very fast. We'll see.