Thursday, March 24, 2011

Refining and not starting something new.

Still playing around with Planet X, till I get it to where I want it. I put a figure in the top left window, which I kind of like, because she looks kind of ghostly. She's probably not done yet, but then again, neither is the rest of the painting. But it's close. And after seeing how the figure looked, I realize that now I have to tone down the right-side window, so it doesn't compete. Probably will either gray down the curtains significantly, or black the window out entirely. Still playing with the planet x letter as well, and a few other things. But close!

I've been working on another one that I thought was destined for the trash. BUT, after a little Edward Hopper motivation, I decided to try adding a figure. And not just a shadowy, ghostlike figure, but a full-sized figure in front of the place, in an interesting "key searching" position. It's going to save the painting, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I love you Edward Hopper. You da man.

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