Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21 - hitting the brakes

Why is it you never hear people say, "wow, where did winter go?" But you hear "wow, where did summer go?" Because people LOVE summer. And it always goes so fast.

This month has been rather turbulent. We lost a well-known local restaurant owner, Matt Haley. He owned many restaurants in the area, was involved in community theatre, and began a charitable organization called Global Delaware. We were on-stage together about 8 years ago in a silly Christmas show in Georgetown, and he kept us laughing. He died in a motorcycle accident in India, doing his charitable work there, before visiting the daughters he adopted in Nepal. He had spent time in prison for drugs decades ago, learned about cooking in prison, and grew from there. He is an example of how we can all rise above seemingly impossible challenges.

Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and Don Nardo also died this month. I've never seen the public so upset over a celebrity death before Robin Williams. He was another well known and well loved person. The world will certainly miss both these men.

Things are starting to quiet down a bit here, at work and in the town. Some kids are back in school or going on Monday. That always thins the crowds. But sometimes it's nice to just have quiet. I'm okay with it. And tomorrow will be my first day off since August 3. I am really looking forward to that!

Peace out!

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