Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26

 One day left in my forties. There I said it. I don't like it, but I said it. The past ten years have been pretty cool, for the most part. There was shit, but there was a lot of fun. I can only hope the next decade will be even better. But yeah, I'm not happy about 5-0.

I plan on painting this scene. This is a pretty common sight around here. Bikes, usually old rusty bikes, leaning up against dune fence, trees/fence casting cool purply shadows, and people heading to the beach in bright yellow sunshine. Love it. It's serene, and cool, and just sums up Rehoboth. I painted a similar scene years ago and it sold right away. I guess other people think it's cool too.

 This is one of the nice things about living here. I can go sit on the beach over my lunch break. Granted, I don't have a towel...or a chair...or a bathing suit, but eh. I make due.

And this cute little place is right here in the neighborhood. The other day it looked just like something out of a fairy tale. Very Hansel/Gretel. I wanted to go in. I didn't, and stayed out of jail.

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