Sunday, August 10, 2014

August already?

Summer never fails to disappoint in its ability to make time speed up. It flies by in a haze of fun and laughter and AMAZINGLY GOOD have had the best summer weather I can ever remember. 

This is the first weekend of the RAL Outdoor Show, and I'm showing. I feel so blessed that there's no hurricanes, no sweltering heat and no rain. It's been heavenly and we had a huge turnout of people. Today is day two, and I'm getting ready to head back from 10-4. 

This is a photo of my  newfound cousin David. He is part of my birth family, some of whom I am just getting to know. And speaking of feeling blessed, you can see by our smiles that we are immensely pleased to have found each other. He is a wonderful man, and we have instantly clicked. I think it's safe to say that there is a strong family resemblance as well. And he has informed me that yes, we are Native American, as I expected.

Sometimes life just gives you a big old cupcake instead of a sh*t sandwich.  :)

So, here's some pics of my booth this year. I'm on a bit of a hill, so it was interesting setting up on an angle.

Happy Sunday!

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