Sunday, August 17, 2014


Weekend 2 and the last day of the Outdoor Show 2014. A tremendous amount of work, but a very good show. We had the most amazing weather, both weekends. This summer has been the best weather that I can ever remember, actually.

Friday  night started with a peaceful post-work kayak through the canal. Only a few slow moving boats. The photos below don't really do the beauty of the evening and the place much justice. The Japanese style house is one of the houses seen from the canal. It is very unusual for the area, and it is just exquisite. There is a beautiful bamboo fence around it and lots of Japanese touches here and there.

The "bartending" photo is me passing out Dogfish beer to our artists at the artist reception Saturday night. Dogfish makes A LOT of different beers. That's Matt Carter in the background, and he gave us a quick rundown of some of the beers we were serving. I should have taken notes. And the damned artists wanted to know...what's this one? what's this one? JUST TAKE THE BEER, IT'S FREE AND IT'S TASTY AND GO AWAY. 

The bottom shot is a great photo of my mom and dad, sitting in one of my favorite spots at RAL. They both look happy and healthy. I just love it. Dad has come a long, long way from last year.  :)

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